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Thailand Hotel Information

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The Peninsular Hotel in Bangkok

Some first-time visitors to Thailand are tempted by the first nice-looking hotel they see without taking time to find out what else is available. It may well be a good hotel but they might get a shock when they get there to find out how much better they could have done for the same money as Thailand really is a great place to find classy accommodation at bargain prices.

It has possibly an over-abundance of hotels in the main tourist areas and competition between them is high which means big discounts are common especially during the wet season. Using online price comparison sites is a good way to spot them but sometimes it pays to also explore a few individual hotel booking sites as some that specialise in the country such as Agoda may not be listed.

Due to a relatively low cost of living in Thailand, hotel rates are cheaper than the equivalent standard in a lot of other countries. This in no way reflects on the overall quality of service which, thanks to the importance of politeness in Thai culture, is often quite exceptional even at the lower end of the market.

Thailand's Most Luxurious Hotels

5 Star Plus hotels - Thailand's Most Expensive Accommodation
Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok

Many of the world’s well-known luxury hotel chains such as Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental have a presence in Thailand’s main cities and resort towns with Bangkok in particular being a home to practically all of them. Most live up to their brand’s expected high standards but thanks to Thai influences in cusine, decor and service some can really provide a unique experience.

Thailand’s island and coastal resorts have a increasing number of private swimming pool villas with the most expensive sometimes offering the most spectacular sea views such as the Sri Panwa on Phuket Island. Off-season discounts for these can be considerable making them possibly quite cost-effective for groups. Phuket has the biggest selection of this type of accommodation with many of them being listed on the private pool villa page at

Outside of the most popular destinations of Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai genuine five-star hotels are quite rare even though some may self-rate themselves as such on hotel booking sites. In these cases comparing the price and reading customer reviews can usually give a good idea of the true standard.

The Higher End of the Market

4 Star Hotels in Thailand
Holiday Inn in Pattaya

Often a big drop in price but not necessarily a relative drop in comfort are the luxury hotels and resorts that are aimed more towards the average holiday budget. Dependable names such as Holiday Inn compete with a multitude of Thai-owned hotel's such as those under the Dusit Thani banner which are also highly regarded within the country.

Thailand has a lot of hotels in this class and some can even come close to rivalling the more luxurious brands especially in the area of hospitality.

On the other hand there are also quite a few that price themselves as 4-star but are not up to that standard. As always customer reviews will be a better guide to actual quality than a hotel's prices or star-rating.

Medium Priced Thailand hotels

3 Star Hotels in Thailand
Royal Phawadee Hotel in Phuket

Many travellers spend most of their time out and about exploring the sights and accordingly don't want to overspend on accommodation which is probably why hotels around 3-star standard are the most popular and common in the major tourist areas.

Large resorts such as the Best Western chain offer a wide range of features and services without the frills of their more luxurious counterparts at very reasonable rates when compared with other countries.

For those who don't need facilities such as large swimming pool its possible to get a higher standard of room by staying at one of the smaller, independent hotels who often offset their lack of features by providing a little more luxury. If the photographs you see of a hotel on a booking site make you think it seems too cheap for the standard then this may be the reason.

Budget Thailand Accommodation

1 and 2 Star Hotels and Guesthouses
Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok

If you just want a place to sleep you can get a clean room with a ceiling fan or air-conditioning in one of many small guest houses for just a few dollars a night. This type of accommodation is frequently not bookable over the internet but if you stroll around the quieter roads of the tourist areas you will see plenty of "Room for Rent" signs. More often than not they will quote even cheaper "long-stay" monthly rates which can be a great saving even if you stay less than a month.

Their prices beat the major hotels hands-down and some even have rooms renovated to quite a high standard though the building itself might look run-down from the outside. A good way to get an idea of what the rooms are like without actually going inside is to stand across the street and look at the quality of the windows and air-con units.

If you are on a tight budget these places are great value for money but be careful with your valuables if you choose to stay at one. The staff are likely to be honest but the often poor room locks and lack of CCTV can be attractive to professional criminals who check in as guests. Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Bangkok are particularly well-blessed with this type of accommodation.


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