Thailand Holiday Guide

Thailand Holiday Guide

Planning a Thailand Holiday

Thailand, with its fascinating culture and history combined with stunning scenery and and beautiful beach resorts is understandably one of the world's most popular holiday destinations. However, as with most countries, different locations can offer different holiday experiences so it pays to do a little research before booking a trip there.

This guide aims to give those unfamiliar with the country quick information that will help them choose the locations that will appeal to them most.

Although much of the information provided relates to deciding upon where to stay there are other topics covered including "when to visit Thailand" which for some may be just as important as finding the right location.

We hope this guide helps you to make good choices and that you have a wonderful time in this truly stunning part of the world.

Thailand Destinations

Thailands Top 5 Destinations

There are many places to visit in Thailand but there are just five destinations (excluding Bangkok) that attract the vast majority of overseas visitors.

These destinations are mostly beach resorts with brilliant weather, tropical beaches and lively nightlife being their main drawcard. Being largely dedicated to overseas tourism means that they also provide advantages such as widely-spoken english, luxury accommodation and a big variety of international cuisine. [Read More]

When to Visit Thailand

On the beach in Phuket

The peak season for most Thai destinations is from January to March when the sun shines most and humidity is lower. If you like to lie on the beach and tan or want to enjoy activities such as scuba diving then this is undoubtedly the best time of year to go.

If, however, you are not so keen on crowds and don't mind the odd tropical downpour interrupting the sunshine then you may actually prefer to head there during the rainy season. If you do your holiday could cost you half as much! [Read More]

Where to Stay in Thailand

Sukhumvhit Road in Bangkok

Whichever city or resort you choose to visit in Thailand its a good idea to choose your hotel location carefully or you could end up wasting a lot of precious holiday time sitting in traffic.

This quick guide to some of Thailand's main tourist destinations will help you find the right hotel in the right area. [Read More]

Accommodation Information

hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya

When visiting Thailand for the first time its worth knowing what types of accommodation are available and how much they typically charge before you actually book.

Hotels in Thailand are cheaper than in many other countries so you may be surprised at the quality you can get for your money. [Read More]

Travelling Around Thailand

Don Muang airport in Bangkok

Bangkok is the arrival point for nearly all flights to Thailand. If you are travelling on from there to other Thai cities by air and have pre-booked in your home country then it will most likely be by Thai Airways. While not unreasonably priced by international standards, you can still fly for a lot less if you are prepared to collect your luggage and re-check at Bangkok Airport.

For those who have the time there are some even cheaper options that really let you see the country. [Read More]

Things to Take to Thailand

Moving Luggage at Suvarnbhumi Airport in Bangkok

Being such a popular destination for western tourists means that there's very little in the way of goods and services that can't be obtained easily in Thailand. Furthermore, being such a shopper's paradise its best not to stuff your suitcases full of clothes before you leave home as you'll probably end up buying more than you'll ever need when you get there. However, there are other things that are better packed before you leave home. [Read More]